Guiding lives, nurturing well-being with unwavering commitment and compassion

Your partner on the path of mental health and disability recovery. With 16+ years of expertise, we’re here to guide your journey. Together, we overcome.

Support Coordination

Plan Management

Short Term Accomodation

Support Independent Living

Illuminating Lives, Transforming Journeys

At Light House Connect, we are more than just a support provider – we are beacons of hope, dedicated to empowering lives and illuminating paths for individuals facing mental health concerns and disabilities. With over 16 years of experience in the field, we have been the guiding light for countless individuals on their journey of recovery.

Our Services

Building Bridges, Fostering Independence

Our suite of services – Support Coordination, Plan Management, Short Term Accommodation (STA), Supported Independent Living (SIL) – is designed to empower your journey towards self-reliance and a brighter tomorrow.

Support Coordination

Guiding you through NDIS complexities. Our experts ensure your plan is empowering your journey to wellness.

Plan Management

Simplify NDIS funding with expert Plan Management. We handle finances, empowering you to focus on your well-deserved care and growth.

Short Term Accommodation (STA)

A comfortable haven for short stays. Experience care and comfort in our Short Term Accommodation.

Supported Independent Living (SIL)

Transition to independent living with our support. Tailored assistance to empower your life journey.

We Are Trusted By

Our track record speaks of unwavering commitment. Families and individuals rely on us for expert support, making us their chosen partner in the journey of care and empowerment.

What Our Clients Say...

I wish to say that Lighthouse Connect has been the best NDIS Support Coordination team that I have come across during my journey as a carer for my son for over 40 years. The LHCS team is concerned about finding the right people to relate to my son which is greatly appreciated, and they answer phone calls, and is always on time for meetings. They are also proactive. After 40 years those are the things that are appreciated.


Lighthouse team, Thanks for the wonderful work you have done which has greatly contributed to my son’s well-being and improved quality of life. I simply wanted to take this opportunity to say how blessed we are as parents since you have pulled together all the needed services to ensure smooth provision of care, which in turn has given us enormous peace of mind.


I am writing this to appreciate for the amazing help Lighthouse team has given me over the last 2 years. They have helped me through the tough journeys of getting all the right support for my son. Not only for the help but with their professional work ethic. They are very understanding and will never give up even when there’s next to no chance in resolving things. Once again, I would like to thank them for the amazing support they have given Brock.


Light house connect has been nothing but supportive of my care since my time on the NDIS, I started with the company from the very beginning hesitant that it was a new company and only being new to the NDIS myself but from the moment I met Sateesh & team I knew he was very familiar with the scheme so trusted my gut and went with the company. Since starting a very family focused team has been established. I must also have to mention the commitment to staying connected I receive either a phone call or have a catch up with the team every week which is not at all expected or required it’s just there way of showing their commitment to your ongoing support. The family approach makes me feel like I’m dealing with people who know and care for me and that is definitely what I feel I get from Lighthouse Connect.


I’ve been with Lighthouse team for a long time, and they are caring and understanding, always present in time of need, the support Sateesh & team has put me with is a wonderful man, he has helped me get off my Gambling habit now I’ve started saving and buying gifts for my mother which I haven’t done in long time. Thanks for everything you have done and doing for me


I have been using Lighthouse Connect for a while now for Support Coordination and Plan Management. I feel they are doing a good job on my behalf. I feel confident that they are putting my needs 1st. I am happy with them


Lighthouse Connect team has provided me with invaluable assistance. Through my supports through lighthouse connect I have been learning to cook, shop, improve my fitness and basically look after myself as well as pursue my interests. They have encouraged me with my musical interests. They have also assisted me through times of great anxiety and periods of depression for which I was hospitalised several times and my fitness is improving with their support. I have been learning about triggers for my depression and the signs of when I am becoming depressed. They have and are helping me lead a busy active life. Which in itself helps me fight my periodic depression.


I am writing to thank Yamini, my support coordinator who has provided sensitive and thoughtful decision-making collaborating with wisdom to make use of teamwork and tapping into my talents to thrive. She delivers sensible, safe and sound paths, and helps navigate my ongoing journey. I hope to have her support always! Yamini makes me shine! Also I wish to thank Sateesh & team for spending time with my brother and going out of his way to advocate and hold in my brothers court to hold him through covid changes. Sateesh supported beyond the isolation from family and being on the street with taking him on board and supporting him and saving his life, who lives with trauma of family mental illness. Sateesh has connected to reframe a world for him and has given him the first sense of trust from an outside person with a promise that it will be better. He imbued him with an interception to the journey to allow self-care by advocating for him as an essential part of the journey to healing. Sateesh's promise delivered. My brother's journey is touched by an angel. Thank you